MediBeauty is the Medical Sud srl consumer commercial division, Italian company of professional disposable products production, and as such respects the Italian and European legislation on distance selling, so buy on MediBeauty is safe and guaranteed, without the risk of fraud, and the certainty that any problems can be resolved quickly and with the best possible solution.

Users who browse and buy on MediBeauty automatically accept, without reservation, the terms and conditions. MediBeauty reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time the terms and conditions of sale. You are responsible for staying informed of any changes through this page and the associates.

Accuracy of information and prices

MediBeauty's site is constantly updated. Accordingly that is fundamental for MediBeauty to provide accurate information, it is possible that errors occur in prices, photographs and descriptions of the items. In that case we will contact the customer before sending with the opportunity to cancel the order (with immediate repayment if the payment has already been made) or to continue with the purchase evaluating alternative solutions that will be proposed. Anyway MediBeauty reserves the right to not complete the order and proceed with a refund

In the case in which there were encountered errors or discrepancies in the description of the products, please report it through the Contact section in order to be able to carry out the correction. MediBeauty reserves the right to refuse orders containing articles with such errors. If an item does not match the description on the site, you can return with subsequent reimbursement. We invite you to visit the Warranty and Returns page for more information.

Prices on MediBeauty may be subject to continuous updates due to the change in the exchange rate, both at different commercial reasons. The prices include VAT where applicable.

Product availability

Product availability is displayed on the relevant page. To buy products not available in stock, please contact us through the appropriate section of the site. In any case, if we should receive not available product orders ,we will promptly notify the buyer to take agreements about


Purchases on MediBeauty are allowed only to adults (over 18 years) or children under adult supervision. MediBeauty assumed that all data provided by you is true and correct, that the buyer is a holder of the same mode of payment chosen for the purchase and that there is enough credit to complete the payment. After receiving the order, a confirmation email will be sent automatically to the address indicated at registration with all order details. This email does not establish the beginning of a contract between the buyer and the seller (MediBeauty), but this is only a summary of the proposed order submitted by the buyer. MediBeauty is free to accept or decline any order received. In case of refusal of the order, MediBeauty will contact you providing full reimbursement.

You can place orders by:

  • website (faster order fulfillment than the other modes)
  • email to store@medicalsud.it indicating registration information, shipping, payment and the products you wish to order
  • by phone at 39 0883 615390 having ready all registration data, payment, shipping and the items you want to buy. The hours for telephone orders are as follows: Monday­Friday: 09:30 to 17:00

Order preparation and shipping

Once we receive your payment and verified the receipt of payment, MediBeauty proceed immediately to the preparation of the order to ensure that the products arrive in the shortest time possible. The time for preparation and sending may vary depending on the availability of goods or of potential problems detected during this phase. In these cases the customer service team will handle orders with maximum transparency and speed in accordance with the buyer. Shipping times depend mainly by the courier, but will still be emailed a tracking number to follow the sending state. MediBeauty is not responsible for any errors or delays. It will still be provided assistance in case of problems. The shipping costs are clearly indicated in the shopping bag, during the order confirmation process and are included in the total. More information on shipments in the Delivery Time section.

Changes, orders cancellation and refunds

You can always modify or delete an order on condition that the latter has not yet been checked "in preparation." Once you're in this state, the order can not be changed, neither the address, nor the goods purchased. You can cancel your order by contacting us, and, if already been shipped, you may return it by following the procedure of withdrawal from the order (note that you can exercise the right of withdrawal within 10 days of receiving the order for non­customized products or tailored).

Reviews, questions and answers

MediBeauty is not responsible for any content entered by the user on the site. Each customer's nickname, comment, question and answer will be checked regularly and we reserve the right to delete, reject, modify comments at any time. It is implicit that the user is aware that the information included in the website are free of copyright.


MediBeauty is not responsible for any direct and / or indirect damages arising from the sale of goods available on the web site. MediBeauty is not responsible in any way of fraudulent or illegal use of its website, its services and for any kind of payment by third parties. MediBeauty disclaims any liability for damages of any kind, direct or indirect, or consequential loss of data, income or profit, loss or damage to property and implicit or explicit claims by third parties relating to the use of its website. MediBeauty is not responsible for any delay and / or non­delivery of products. The customer is directly responsible for the veracity of every statement sent. In case it is impossible to deliver the goods (for example for address delivered incorrectly, the recipient absent), this will be taken back to the sender, and shipping costs for round trip will be borne by the buyer.


Deepen in the Payment section

Personal data

It is strictly prohibited the inclusion of false, altered and / or invented data. We reserve the right to prosecute any kind of violation or abuse, in its own interest, of users and of institutions.

Prices, VAT and invoicing

FFor each order is issued a receipt with the guarantee value. You can request an invoice for an order. This request must be made during the order STRICTLY through the notes, or through other means of communication, provided this is done no later than 24 hours from the order itself, specifying the name and the VAT payable on which the invoice. In the absence of the request you will be issued a receipt with tax value. The change in prices may occur at any time without notice.

Security and purchase guarantee

MediBeauty is a site that works according to Italian and European norms, ensuring high standards of service. This is to ensure to all buyers a pleasant shopping experience, guaranteeing the rights that protect consumers. MediBeauty is also committed to finding solutions to any problems arisen and provides assistance even after the sale, in case of warranty or not. Despite the commitment to after sales service MediBeauty specifies that it is not possible to replace and / or repair the products for which the warranty period has already lapsed. For more information regarding product warranties you can see the Warranty and Returns section.


MediBeauty reserves the right to use cookies in order to improve the service. More information can be found in the Privacy section.

Terms of law

MediBeauty terms and conditions are stipulated according to Italian and European legislation. Any dispute that may arise between the parties, shall be governed by Italian law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Italy.

Law compliance

The Consumer Code (Legislative Decree. N. 206/2005) to art. 128­135 obliges the seller to guarantee to consumers the suitability of the purchased goods to the characteristics and quality offerings. The seller is then responsible for the lack of conformity existed at the time of delivery for all products sold in his shop. The lack of conformity exists where the product::

  • It is not fit for use, which should serve habitually;
  • it is not as described or does not possess the qualities presented by the seller;
  • is not suitable for the particular use due by the consumer, if made known to the seller at the time of purchase and accepted by that.

MediBeauty asks the buyer, in case of a defect of conformity, to cease using the product and send us an email via the contact section or call us at 39 0883 615390, specifying the problem encountered. In case of non­compliance of the article, shipping fees to and from the warehouse of MediBeauty, they will not be charged to the buyer.


Warranty and Returns

Refer to the Warranty and Returns section.