All prices / costs are expressed in Euros (€) and include the Italian VAT. It is possible to change currency and have exemption in case of non-EU countries or companies. In the latter case customs charges, other costs related to customs and VAT if present, are borne by the buyer. The total will be charged (or that you have to pay through bank transfer) is the same, in the selected currency, which is in the last page of the order confirmation. Every cost of service / recessed for receiving the payment (eg. Bank transfer: the cost varies depending on the bank and the type of user account) is charged to the customer

Bank transfer in advance:

Once purchased, will be sent an email with the bank account details on which to execute the transfer. To speed up the times association from payment to order, please send the copy of the transfer at . IN ANY CASE, the order will be prepared and sent ONLY when we'll receive the credit (in the case of Unicredit account is in real time). Each commission fees for transfers are borne by the buyer. Such expenditure varies depending on the contract with their bank. Accreditation around 2-3 working days.


PayPal is a SAFE portal(with encryption of data transmission) where, due to access / registration, you can make the payment. Data on credit card will be received and processed by PAYPAL according to their current regulations. No data will be sent to Medical Sud s.r.l.. When the transaction is completed, the order will be automatically forwarded to our order processing system. There is not the possibility of concluding the order without making payment. If the order is successful you will be redirected to a payment confirmation page and receive 2 emails, one from Medical Sud s.r.l. and the other from PayPal where are summarized the transaction and the order. Sometimes you can make the payment through PayPal without having to open an account (limited to 10 transactions), otherwise you need to register and open a PayPal account. When the transaction is made, there will be a payment on behalf of Medical Sud s.r.l.. This form of payment involves a price increase automatically calculated by our system and specified at time of purchase (3.5%). This is the taking commission retained by PayPal.

Acreditation in real time

Any errors with PayPal can be:

  • Failure receiving emails: If after payment through Paypal you receive the confirmation email from PayPal, but not ours, please contact us telling us your email address and the email address of PayPal. In this way we will check if the order has been forwarded and, if not present, we will reinstate the order.
  • Limited purchase: In this case there are limitations on your account. It is necessary to contact PayPal directly for more information about it or you can proceed by choosing another payment method.
  • Denied transaction: PayPal does not authorize the transaction. Choose an alternative payment method or contact PayPal support for further clarification.
  • Financial resources lack: Paypal does not authorize the transaction because it lacks the financial resources, connected to the account, through wich PayPal picks up the necessary sum. For example, it could be due to the expired credit card linked. It is possible to choose another form of payment or contact PayPal for more information.
  • Refused transaction for risk taker: PayPal has judged your account as risky and thus does not authorize the transaction. For more information you need to contact PayPal support.
  • Generic error: in case of generic error, for more information, please contact Paypal. PayPal invites you to choose an alternative payment method.