Reference: MAN.458.100

Brand: Medical Sud Srl

100 Mittens Disposable Waterproof For Cleansing and Hygiene Of Bedridden Patients

100% Made In Italy, designed for the personal hygiene of patients and bedridden patients, it is suitable for professional use in hospitals, clinics and communities. Its versatility also makes it useful for personal hygiene and body care. Be careful not to immerse the knob completely in water. Just moisten it with a glass of water. 1 Pack of 100...

Reference: MAN.1026

Brand: Medical Sud Srl

1200 PRE-SOAPED WATERPROOF DISPOSABLE GRIPS For Personal Hygiene of the Patient in absorbent viscose + PE cm 16x25 gr. 65

Waterproof Soapy Mittens. Dimensions: 16 x 25 cm. Box of 1200 pieces. You will receive an additional 20% discount on this product by purchasing at least one pack of Absorbent Under pads latex free 100% Made In Italy, designed for the personal hygiene of patients and bedridden patients, it is suitable for professional use in hospitals, clinics...

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8 Rolls disposable sheets cellulose cellulose laminated roll cot 80 meters


Disposable Bed Rolls - Pack of 8 rolls, Pure Cellulose and Polyethylene, 60cm x 80m, 30g - Maximum hygiene and comfort for medical environments - Certified medical device

  • Material and Packaging: Each box contains 8 blister-packed rolls made of pure cellulose and expanded polyethylene, weighing 30 grams each. With dimensions of 60cm in height and 80 meters in length, these rolls are designed for professional use in clinics, beauty centers, massage centers, spas, and any environment requiring maximum hygiene. Blister-packed in pairs for hygienic and practical storage.
  • Certified Medical Device: Classified as a Class I Medical Device (CND T030502 DM 653507), these bed rolls comply with rigorous safety standards, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in medical environments.
  • Maximum Protection: Made of durable and comfortable materials, these rolls prevent direct contact between the patient and the bed, ensuring optimal protection. Ideal for maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety.
  • Italian Quality and Sustainability: Manufactured in Italy with high-quality materials, this product complies with environmental standards ISO 14001 and quality standards ISO 9001. Each roll is a guarantee of quality and environmental responsibility.
  • Ideal Solution for Professional Environments: With their superior quality and moisture resistance, these disposable bed rolls are ideal for clinics, beauty centers, massage centers, and spas. They offer a practical and reliable solution to ensure hygiene and comfort in any situation.
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  • The roll sheet is made of durable and comfortable material, prevents direct contact of the patient with the bed ensuring maximum protection.
  • Material to be disposed of in the undifferentiated collection or according to local regulations.
  • Made in Italy with high quality materials. Company with environmental certification ISO 14001 and quality ISO 9001

1 box contains 8 blistered rolls

Pure cellulose material + polyethylene foam 30 grams.

Dimensions Height cm. 60 x 80 meters

Blisterates in pairs

Professional wet resistant line

Made in Italy.

Product Details

Data sheet

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Alta qualità

• What are the main advantages of using disposable rolls for beds? Disposable rolls provide a hygienic barrier between the client and the bed, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infections. They are practical, easy to replace and dispose of, improving operational efficiency and maintaining high hygiene standards.

• What kind of materials are used for these rolls? They are made with a combination of pure cellulose and polyethylene. Cellulose provides a soft and comfortable surface, while polyethylene acts as a waterproof barrier, protecting the underlying surfaces.

• What is the specific weight of the material used? The weight of the material is 30 grams, effectively balancing strength, absorption, and comfort.

• How are the rolls packaged? Each box contains 8 rolls, with each pair of rolls blister-packed together. This packaging ensures that the rolls remain protected, fresh, and hygienic until the moment of use.

• What are the dimensions of each roll? Each roll measures 60 cm in height by 80 meters in length, providing adequate coverage for a wide range of beds and stretchers.

• Are these rolls suitable for all types of beds? Yes, the generous dimensions ensure compatibility with most massage beds, emergency stretchers, and similar surfaces, making them versatile for various professional settings.

• Are disposable rolls certified? Yes, they are classified as Class I Medical Devices, complying with rigorous regulations that ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

• Where are these rolls produced? They are manufactured in Italy, a country known for its manufacturing excellence and attention to detail, guaranteeing a high-quality product.

• Which sectors can benefit from using these rolls? They are ideal for clinics, beauty centers, massage centers, spas, and any environment where hygiene and comfort are a priority, including medical facilities that require the utmost attention to hygiene.

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Reference: CAM.1563

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