Reference: MAN.1026

Brand: Medical Sud Srl

1200 PRE-SOAPED WATERPROOF DISPOSABLE GRIPS For Personal Hygiene of the Patient in absorbent viscose + PE cm 16x25 gr. 65

Waterproof Soapy Mittens. Dimensions: 16 x 25 cm. Box of 1200 pieces. You will receive an additional 20% discount on this product by purchasing at least one pack of Absorbent Under pads latex free 100% Made In Italy, designed for the personal hygiene of patients and bedridden patients, it is suitable for professional use in hospitals, clinics...

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8 Rolls for single use bed in Pure Cellulose Polyethylene 60cmx100m 30g

    • Designed for professional use in health, wellness and spa centers for all situations where maximum hygiene is required.
    • Sheet' rolls is manufactured with resistant and comfortable material, it prevents the direct contact of the patient with the table ensuring maximum protection.
    • Pack of 8 blisters.
    • Class I medical device CND T030502 DM 447873/R
    • Produced in cellulose and polyethylene, it can be easily applied in the special roll holders and the pre-cut facilitates tearing. Dimensions: 60 cm x 100 m. Color: Light blue. 
    • Dispose of the product in the undifferentiated collection or according to specific local / company regulations in force.
    • Made in Italy with high quality materials. Company with ISO 14001 environmental certification and ISO 9001 quality certification.

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In the dynamic world of healthcare and wellness, where hygiene is not only a priority but an imperative, the 8 Rolls for Disposable Bed in Plastic Coated Paper - Pure Cellulose and Polyethylene stand out as a fundamental pillar to ensure excellent hygienic standards. These rolls are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of facilities, from medical centers to wellness spaces, including thermal and hospital environments, providing a practical, hygienic, and high-quality solution.


Innovation and Hygienic Protection


In a context where the threat of contamination and infection must be constantly contained, our line of disposable rolls offers an unparalleled protective barrier between the patient and the bed. The unique combination of pure cellulose and polyethylene not only ensures optimal resistance to fluids but also provides a comfortable and welcoming support surface for the patient, significantly enhancing the care or relaxation experience.


Certified Quality and Made in Italy


Proudly made in Italy, each roll is the result of cutting-edge production processes, environmentally friendly and certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards. This not only demonstrates a commitment to environmental protection but also ensures professionals in the industry and their clients a superior quality, safe, and reliable product, compliant with the strictest medical sector regulations as attested by the classification as a Class I Medical Device.


Versatility and Practicality


Versatility is one of the key features of these disposable rolls, suitable for a variety of uses ranging from healthcare to aesthetic and thermal treatments. The practical packaging of 8 blisters ensures easy stock management and efficient use, with each roll perfectly fitting standard-sized beds and stretchers, ensuring optimal coverage and quick replacement between uses.




• Maximum Protective Barrier: Resistant to moisture thanks to the combination of cellulose and polyethylene.


• Patient Comfort: Softness and comfort without compromise during each treatment.


• Ease of Use: Ideal for quick replacement and waste minimization.


• Eco-Sustainability and Quality: Environmentally friendly products manufactured according to the highest standards.


• Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications in the healthcare and wellness sector.


Professionals looking for practical, hygienic, and high-quality disposable solutions need not look further. Our 8 Rolls for Disposable Bed in Plastic Coated Paper are the ideal choice to ensure maximum protection and comfort for your clients or patients. Elevate the standard of your service and guarantee an impeccable experience: choose the best disposable solution on the market. Buy now for a safer and more comfortable environment.

Product Details

• What materials are these disposable rolls made of?

These rolls are made with an innovative combination of pure cellulose and polyethylene. Cellulose provides a soft and comfortable surface for the patient, while polyethylene provides a waterproof barrier that protects against liquids and contamination.

• In which environments are these disposable rolls recommended?

They are ideal for a wide variety of facilities, including medical clinics, wellness centers, spas, thermal environments, and hospitals, thanks to their versatility and ability to maintain high hygienic standards.

• How do these rolls contribute to infection prevention?

They offer an essential protective barrier between the bed and the patient or client, preventing cross-contamination and significantly reducing the risk of infection transmission.

• What certifications do these rolls have?

They are certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards, ensuring that the production process is environmentally sustainable and of high quality. Additionally, they are classified as a Class I Medical Device, in accordance with medical sector regulations.

• Why is Italian production a strength?

Italian production is renowned for high quality, attention to detail, and innovation. These rolls represent Italian manufacturing excellence, ensuring a safe, reliable, and superior quality product.

• What are the dimensions of each roll?

Each roll measures 60 cm in width by 100 meters in length, offering wide and adequate coverage for most beds and stretchers used in healthcare and wellness settings.

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