Reference: MAN.1026

Brand: MedicalSud Srl

1200 PRE-SOAPED WATERPROOF DISPOSABLE GRIPS For Personal Hygiene of the Patient in absorbent viscose + PE cm 16x25 gr. 65

Waterproof Soapy Mittens. Dimensions: 16 x 25 cm. Box of 1200 pieces. You will receive an additional 20% discount on this product by purchasing at least one pack of Absorbent Under pads latex free 100% Made In Italy, designed for the personal hygiene of patients and bedridden patients, it is suitable for professional use in hospitals, clinics...

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8 Disposable COUCH ROLLS Water Repellent non-Woven Fabric

  • Designed for professional use in Health, Wellness and Thermal centres where it is necessary to ensure maximum Hygiene.
  • Disposable Paper Couch Rolls are made of Resistant and Comfortable Materials. it prevents direct contact with the table ensuring maximum protection and Hygiene.
  • Made of non-Woven Fabric, single veil, water resistant. It is easy to fit in paper roll holder. Thanks to the pre-cut, you can easily rip your paper.
  • Dispose of material in general waste collection or in accordance with local regulations
  • Made in Italy with High-Quality Materials. Company with ISO 14001 environmental certification and ISO 9001 quality certification.


  1. Roll of 60 cm by 100 meters in packs of 8 pieces.
  2. Roll of 70 cm by 80 meters in packs of 8 pieces.
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In the dynamic world of healthcare, where efficiency and hygiene are not only expectations but imperatives, products emerge that not only meet these needs but anticipate them. The 20g hydrophobic single-layer TNT sheet is one of these products, an essential ally for clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, wellness centers, and medical facilities that want to ensure a clean and safe environment for patients and staff. Made with top-quality materials, this disposable sheet represents a practical and effective solution to maintain high hygienic standards.


The hydrophobic single-layer TNT sheet stands out for its ability to offer a protective barrier between the patient and the bed, thus avoiding direct contact and reducing the risk of pathogen transmission. Its 20g/sqm non-woven fabric structure is the perfect combination of strength and comfort, ensuring reliable protection without sacrificing the soft touch sensation.


Designed for professional use in environments ranging from healthcare centers to wellness and thermal centers, the sheet is available in two variants: a roll of 60 cm by 100 meters and a roll of 70 cm by 80 meters, both in packs of 8 pieces. This versatility allows for easy adaptation to different needs and bed sizes, always ensuring maximum coverage and protection. The entirely Italian production, certified according to ISO 14001 environmental standards and ISO 9001 quality standards, demonstrates a commitment to excellence and sustainability.


The strengths of this product are numerous and significant for industry professionals:


• Quality of Materials: Use of high-quality TNT that guarantees strength and comfort.


• Hydrophobicity: The ability to repel liquids increases hygiene and safety.


• Versatility and Practicality: Available in two sizes to meet various needs, with ease of use and replacement.


• Certified Production and Made in Italy: Guarantee of quality, reliability, and environmental respect.


• Suitable for Many Environments: Ideal for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, wellness centers, and thermal centers.


It is time to take a step towards hygienic excellence in your professional environment. The hydrophobic single-layer TNT sheet is the choice that combines practicality, protection, and comfort, ensuring an optimal solution for daily hygiene and safety needs. We invite decision-makers in the healthcare sector to discover how this product can make a difference in your facility. Proceed with the purchase today to elevate the hygiene and comfort standards for your patients and staff.


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Hydrophobic Disposable Sheets - Pack of 8


Elevate the hygiene of your beds with 8 Hydrophobic TNT Rolls. Softness and protection for every treatment. Ideal for medical and wellness environments. Order today!

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Made in Italy

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• What is TNT and why is it chosen for these rolls?

Non-woven fabric (TNT) is a material produced by bonding fibers together without weaving or knitting, offering excellent strength and softness. It is chosen for its hydrophobicity, durability, and comfort, making it ideal for healthcare environments where hygiene and comfort are crucial.

• What does "single-layer" mean in relation to these rolls?

"Single-layer" indicates that the sheet is made up of a single layer of non-woven fabric, effectively balancing strength and lightness, and optimizing its hydrophobic function.

• What are the available sizes for these rolls?

They are available in two sizes: 60 cm x 100 meters and 70 cm x 80 meters, allowing for versatility in use on different types and sizes of beds and stretchers.

• How does hydrophobicity contribute to safety and hygiene?

Hydrophobicity prevents liquids from penetrating through the sheet, protecting the underlying bed or stretcher from contamination and facilitating equipment cleaning and maintenance.

• In which environments are these rolls recommended?

They are ideal for a wide range of settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, wellness centers, and thermal environments, where hygiene is a priority.

• What certifications do these rolls have?

Production is certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards, ensuring that each roll is produced with a commitment to quality excellence and environmental sustainability.

• How is the quality of these products guaranteed?

The entirely Italian production ensures high quality standards, from material selection to manufacturing, following rigorous quality and sustainability controls.

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