Reference: MAN.1026

Brand: MedicalSud Srl

1200 PRE-SOAPED WATERPROOF DISPOSABLE GRIPS For Personal Hygiene of the Patient in absorbent viscose + PE cm 16x25 gr. 65

Waterproof Soapy Mittens. Dimensions: 16 x 25 cm. Box of 1200 pieces. You will receive an additional 20% discount on this product by purchasing at least one pack of Absorbent Under pads latex free 100% Made In Italy, designed for the personal hygiene of patients and bedridden patients, it is suitable for professional use in hospitals, clinics...

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90 Disposable Waterproof Sheets for Massage In Non-woven Fabric and Polyethylene Cm. 140 x 240


90 disposable Waterproof Massage Sheets - Generous Dimensions and High-Quality Composition - Certified Medical Device

  • Premium Composition: Crafted from non-woven fabric and a super waterproof polyethylene layer, these sheets provide reliable protection during treatments.
  • Generous Dimensions: Measuring cm 135/140 x 240 and weighing 30 gr/sqm, they ensure ample and comfortable coverage.
  • Certified Medical Device: Classified as a Class I Medical Device (CND T030502 DM 973295/R), they uphold high safety standards.
  • Convenient Packaging: The box contains 9 packs of 10 sheets each, totaling 90 sheets, ideal for convenient and efficient inventory management.
  • Local Production and Certifications: Manufactured in Italy, they adhere to environmental standards ISO 14001 and quality standards ISO 9001, ensuring a responsible and safe choice.

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Within the realm of wellness treatments and medical therapies, where hygiene and comfort are paramount, the 90 Disposable Waterproof Massage Sheets stand out as a premier solution. Crafted with Italian craftsmanship precision, these sheets combine innovation and practicality.

Unparalleled Hygiene and Protection
In the context of massages and aesthetic treatments, protection against contamination and the ability to keep work surfaces clean are top priorities. Our disposable sheets provide an effective waterproof barrier, preventing the passage of liquids and protecting beds and equipment. Constructed with a double layer of non-woven fabric and polyethylene, they ensure reliable defense against bacteria and pathogens, significantly reducing the risk of cross-infections.

Comfort and Convenience for Every Treatment
Customer well-being is at the core of every massage treatment. For this reason, we designed our sheets to offer exceptional comfort. The softness of the non-woven fabric embraces the skin in a gentle hug, making each massage session a pleasant and relaxing experience. Moreover, the ease of use allows operators to quickly change sheets between appointments, maximizing operational efficiency without compromising hygiene.

Sustainability and Italian Quality
With a commitment to sustainability and quality, these disposable sheets are manufactured in Italy using high-quality materials. Environmental certification ISO 14001 and quality certification ISO 9001 attest to our commitment to responsible production and adherence to the highest standards. This approach guarantees not only product safety but also their positive impact on the environment.

Key Features:
• Waterproof and Hygienic: Double layer for superior protection.
• Comfortable: Soft non-woven fabric for maximum customer comfort.
• Convenient: Easy to use and replace, ideal for high-traffic environments.
• Italian Quality: Made in Italy with the best materials and certifications.
• Eco-friendly: Biodegradable materials that respect the environment.

The 90 Disposable Waterproof Massage Sheets are the perfect choice for those seeking to combine hygiene, comfort, and convenience without compromise. Ideal for wellness centers, spas, hospitals, and private clinics, they offer a level of protection and pleasure that exceeds expectations. Don't let hygiene management slow down your business. Choose the solution that allows you to focus on what truly matters: the well-being of your clients. Buy now!

Product Details

Data sheet

Uso professionale
Alta qualità
Azienda con standard di qualità ISO 9001 certificata SGS
Azienda con certificazione per l'ambiente ISO 14001
Made in Italy

• What type of materials are used for these disposable sheets?
They are made with a double layer of non-woven fabric and polyethylene, combining the softness and comfort of the former with the waterproof properties of the latter, ensuring both comfort and protection.

• In what environments are these sheets recommended?
They are ideal for wellness centers, spas, physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, and private clinics, where massage treatments and medical therapies require high standards of hygiene and comfort.

• How do these sheets contribute to hygiene during massages?
They provide an effective waterproof barrier against the passage of liquids, oils, and creams, protecting beds and equipment and significantly reducing the risk of cross-infections among clients.

• Are the sheets comfortable for clients?
Yes, the non-woven fabric used is specifically chosen for its softness, ensuring that the skin is gently embraced, helping to make each massage session more enjoyable and relaxing.

• How easy is it to use and replace these sheets?
They are designed for maximum convenience, allowing operators to quickly change sheets between appointments, facilitating hygiene management and optimizing operational efficiency.

• Are these sheets produced sustainably?
Yes, they are manufactured in Italy following responsible and sustainable practices, using biodegradable materials and certified according to ISO 14001 environmental and ISO 9001 quality standards.

• Are they suitable only for massage treatments?
Although ideal for massages and medical therapies, their waterproofing and ease of use make them suitable for other applications in healthcare and wellness environments that require high standards of hygiene.

• How are these sheets packaged?
They are available in boxes of 90 pieces, divided into convenient packages that facilitate daily use and management, ensuring they are always on hand when needed.

• What is the environmental impact of these disposable sheets after use?
Thanks to the use of biodegradable materials, the environmental impact is reduced. After use, the sheets can be disposed of according to local waste guidelines, contributing to maintaining responsible and sustainable waste management practices.

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