Reference: MAN.458.100

Brand: Medical Sud Srl

100 Mittens Disposable Waterproof For Cleansing and Hygiene Of Bedridden Patients

100% Made In Italy, designed for the personal hygiene of patients and bedridden patients, it is suitable for professional use in hospitals, clinics and communities. Its versatility also makes it useful for personal hygiene and body care. Be careful not to immerse the knob completely in water. Just moisten it with a glass of water. 1 Pack of 100...

Reference: MAN.1026

Brand: Medical Sud Srl

1200 PRE-SOAPED WATERPROOF DISPOSABLE GRIPS For Personal Hygiene of the Patient in absorbent viscose + PE cm 16x25 gr. 65

Waterproof Soapy Mittens. Dimensions: 16 x 25 cm. Box of 1200 pieces. You will receive an additional 20% discount on this product by purchasing at least one pack of Absorbent Under pads latex free 100% Made In Italy, designed for the personal hygiene of patients and bedridden patients, it is suitable for professional use in hospitals, clinics...

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4 Jumbo MAXI Rolls 1000 Double Ply 300 meters 1000 sheets


Technical Specifications

Material: Pure cellulose

Grammage: 36 gsm

Height: 30 cm

Length: 300 meters

Roll Weight: 3.30 kg

Number of Plies: 2

Individually Packaged Rolls

  • Box of 8 Jumbo Rolls. Double-ply roll with 1000 sheets, 30 cm high, 300 m long and 30 cm pre-cut. With a single layer of pure cellulose, these rolls are the ideal choice for those looking for quality, resistance and convenience in a single product.
  • Maximum Yield: Our focus on compaction and reducing the space occupied stems from the need to minimize the bulk in your warehouse and the operations of replacing finished rolls. With a grammage of 36 g/sqm and a weight of 3.30 kg, you will have a roll larger than the standard size with remarkable absorbency and practicality performances.
  • Excellence and Innovation: Our Jumbo Rolls in pure cellulose paper represent the perfect meeting between quality and innovation. 
  • Maximum Transparency: Our company policy is based on maximum transparency to demonstrate our commitment to customers. Every detail of our rolls is provided with precision, giving you the ability to compare and evaluate with clarity.
  • Superior Performance and Exceptional Durability: Our rolls are designed not only to deliver superior performance, but also to provide exceptional durability. With Jumbo MAXI 1000, you can be sure of a reliable and resistant product.
  • Disposal in undifferentiated waste or according to local regulations.
  • Made in Italy with high quality materials. Company with ISO 14001 environmental and ISO 9001 quality certification.
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The Maxi Jumbo Roll represents the culmination of a research and innovation process aimed at creating a superior quality product in the sector. Thanks to a careful approach and constant pursuit of excellence, this double-ply roll stands out for its superior performance and exceptional durability.

Key Features:

  • Height of 30 cm and length of 300 meters
  • Each tear transforms into a square sheet of 30x30 cm
  • Each roll is individually packaged to ensure maximum quality and transparency for the consumer

High-Quality Materials:

  • Made with pure cellulose for high absorbency
  • Grammage of 36 g/sqm and weight of 3.30 kg

This product ensures a unique experience in the market, offering superior performance and exceptional durability to meet the highest consumer needs.

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Made in Italy
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1000 Towels In White Viscose CM.30X40

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